Medallion Reverse

What to Engrave



The Native Sons & Daughters

Obverse (front)

Actual size is 39mm diameter
12 Gage bronze metal
Edge of medal is reeded
Antique verbronze finish

The Native Sons and Daughters Symbol in the center of the
medallion is the basic design of an Ojibway medicine wheel.
It was given to the National Longhouse (tm) by June Friday
MacInnis, the niece of the great Joe Friday. The elements
and their meanings are as follows:

   Native Sons & Daughters
The turtle in the center of the wheel symbolizes
the bringing forth of the first land mass from the
bottom of the sea. The seven sections of the
shell represent their eventual separation which
formed the seven continents.
The turtle sits on the Eye of the Great Spirit, who's
blue color represents the Sea. The blue points of
the Great Spirit symbolized the four spiritual
directions: East - the beginning of life from where
the sun rises; South - change from the southern
winds bringing forth seasonal renewal to the Earth;
West - the path of souls where Man must cross
a body of water for his soul to enter the spirit
world: North - completes the Circle of Life and
represents strength and endurance.
The Spiritual Directions point to the four colors
of Man. The Eye of the Great Spirit is watching
over the four races from all directions. The green
outer rim of the medicine wheel circles the four
races of humankind and ties them together in
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